Worth the wait...

We are stoked to announce the launch of our jewelry line, Erin Cris, a brand designed for all you ocean lovers and salty hearts.

Here is how it all began...


CRISTINA was born in Romania and grew up in Michigan with a lifelong talent for fashion and art. She earned a degree from Fashion Institute of Technology and resides in New York City as the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Vanilla Creative Inc., an advertising agency that specializes in Jewelry.

This job, and the hectic life of the city, steered her to find her escape in Montauk, located at the very opposite end of Long Island; the near antithesis of Manhattan lifestyle. This small town, enveloping one main road, with zero traffic lights, and surrounded by ocean is where Cristina took on surfing as a physical, spiritual and personal challenge, and coincidentally (or not), where she met Erin.


ERIN, an artist of many mediums, grew up in Babylon, a small beach town on the south shore of Long Island. Always immersed in the lifestyle of surfers and water-people, she gravitated towards the ocean and nature in everything she did. Realizing she was not ready for a conventional life, she shifted her career choice of becoming a teacher to focusing solely on her art.

She spent half of each year living in Montauk, selling her handmade jewelry and clothing at fairs and local shops. Working at restaurants and surfing everyday as each season passed, she was slowly getting her small company recognized. She met Cristina in the water at Ditch Plains, and after quickly becoming friends, they decided to put their skills together.

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