Our good friend and fellow surf chica, Ingrid Liot, is a traveling photographer and a beautiful soul. She has an amazing underwater collection where she portrays women's bodies as pure, natural works of art.
Anyone, especially a woman, who builds his/her career around a creative pursuit and lifestyle is someone we want to support - and just plain be around!!
We decided to have a day of fun with Ingrid and her camera. Not just for laughs, but because we want to be part of establishing a worldwide acceptance of women, their bodies, sexuality and power.
For Erin, this meant having confidence in her natural skin and her individuality in a time when VANITY is increasingly a more prominent societal value than ever. For Cristina, it comes from a motherly standpoint, after having two children and feeling more comfortable with her body now than even before. (Surfing has a lot to do with that...) We also got some gems of silliness, play and laughter, which are EQUALLY as important!
So here we are, hilarious and unashamed. FREE to BE.
Cheers to artists, travelers, entrepreneurs and brave, naked, lovely souls everywhere... xo Erin Cris

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