So hyped about our new styles that we have been working on all summer long...




Just in time for the Hampton Classic, the Colt Ring arrives in style. The story behind this goes way back when Erin's grandfather worked as a Blacksmith, or more specifically, a Farrier, which meant shoeing horses was his specialty and passion. He once molded a ring out of a horse shoe nail for Erin's mom, and she still has it til this day! We just HAD to make it part of our collection. So here it is, the Colt Ring. New and shiny with lots of LOVE and vintage roots!





This truly special eternity ring embodies the energy and light of the sun. It's a bit edgy, with a fun, high-energy flair! Each ray is set with four stones, orbiting all the way around the finger. The different metal options mixed in together with the diamonds or black diamonds makes you look, feel and SHINE like a rockstar. 





We love stackable and midi rings, and the Innergy Ring is just perfect! This torque style ring comfortably hugs your finger as it's channeling your inner energy - so it will remind you always to focus on emitting positivity! It looks great alone, stacked together, as a midi or not, but our favorite is when we get creative and mix it with other styles!





Obsessing over the trillion cut of this center stone! A simple yet timeless solitaire ring can be worn as a "fun fashion ring" or  a "lets get serious" type of ring. Also looks AMAZING stacked with other rings.

The center accommodates a .75 carat Cubic Zirconia or a Black Diamond. Want it as an engagement ring? Feel free to email us at to get pricing on a real diamond!


And that sums up our New Arrivals for this season... Enjoy! 

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