One of our fave spots in Rincon, PR was Carta Buena. While enjoying delicious food, smoothies, juices and coffee in their own organic gardens, we sketched and researched our designs.This is the view that inspired a lot of our designs.

One of our fave breakfast/lunch spots in Rincon, PR: Carta Buena. Organic food cart; Everything they serve grows on this land right in front of you. What a place to sit and eat while you soak in the natural beauty, ocean view and motivation for creating new designs! 


Erin Cris is driven immensely by Surf. Oh, what it can do for a human! Here's Erin gliding down a crystal clear face in Puerto Rico, where she lived and collected much of her inspiration for our Summer 2016 Collection. Shot by our friend Erik Schwab, also known as SaltyVisionz. Check him out- worth it.


Cris on the left, Er on the right. We like to sit on our cars and draw.



Epic board Art for Coreyswave. Best surf lesson company around.



Erin's homemade board bags... Maybe next for Erin Cris?


Polariods from Erin's trailer in Montauk. Travel, capture, live.


Cristina and Erin now selling at Martine & Juan in Montauk, NY! Yewwww!


Life is about finding a secret spot to post up for the day and enjoy all to yourselves.


Check out our pieces at Blue and Cream in East Hampton!



Photoshoot mayhem while Erin flaunts our newest pieces: the Colt Ring, Sunburst Ring and Innergy Rings are comin in HOT!


A day in Brooklyn well spent... Although we wasted a lot of time being directionally challenged and walking in MASSIVE circles.


LOVING our new charms and wearing them everywhere. We can't stop creating new necklaces now... SOMEBODY STOP US.